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Today’s dentistry is all about saving your teeth—not removing them as was common in the past. Because our hand pieces are smaller and more efficient, patients spend less time in the chair. “Fillings” have now been replaced with more natural “composites” which match the color of each person’s teeth and have longer durability than the silver amalgam fillings of our father’s generation. Drs. Marshall and Baxter also offer removal of the silver amalgam fillings and replacement with more natural looking restorations.


When a tooth no longer has enough positive tooth structure to hold and stabilize a resin restoration, also known as a filling, a crown may be recommended to prolong the longevity of the tooth. A crown, which matches the surrounding teeth in shape, color and position, completely covers the part of the tooth that is outside of the gum tissue. There are several different kinds of crowns and the dentist will recommend the appropriate kind of crown that is best for the dynamics of your specific mouth.

Replacing Missing Teeth

Total Transformation Dental and Spa works with their patients for the optimum solution to replace missing teeth. When looking to replace missing teeth the dentists work with each patient’s unique situation to explore all options available.

Bridges and Implants

When looking for a fixed (non-removable) solution, a bridge or implant may be recommended. A fixed bridge, covering a specific area, can replace one or two missing teeth that are side by side. By anchoring the bridge to the two adjacent teeth on each side of the space and holding the artificial teeth (pontics) the bridge is a comfortable, natural looking solution. This single piece bridge is held in place and stabilized with cement. Another option for a fixed restoration is a surgically placed and restored implant. After the initial surgical placement, the dentists at Total Transformation Dental and Spa restore and maintain the implant along with the rest of the mouth. A patient will treat these restorations like their natural teeth, brushing and flossing the implant or the bridge, along with the other teeth in the mouth.

Partials and Dentures

 removable option to replacing several teeth would be a partial denture or a full denture to replace full arches of teeth. Partials, covering large or multiple spaces, is an option to replacing any number of teeth on the same arch. Both prostheses are worn all day for regular function then removed each night for cleaning and to allow the rejuvenation of the gum tissue.

Not only do they employ the highest of hygiene and professional standards in house, but they require that all laboratories working on behalf of Total Transformation Dental and Spa have the highest credentials and sterilization procedures as well and that nothing is subcontracted to other facilities, particularly those in foreign countries.

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