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When we talk about our facial aesthetics procedures, men often think it is just for women. Total Transformation Dental and Spa caters to everyone. Exposure to outside elements, soap, shave cream and after shave can wreck havoc on a man’s skin. Beards can be dry, brittle and difficult to grow. Total Transformation Dental and Spa has special facials, oils and balms for our male clients to keep their faces clean and smooth and reverse the signs of aging. Other services for men include ACNE TREATMENT and SCAR REMOVAL with collagen induction therapy.

Senior Man Enjoying Facial Massage in SPA


The Beard Rejuvenation Treatment conditions the beard to prevent breakage and to enhance comfort. With a little of aesthetic help, men can grow longer, healthier facial hair.


Developed specifically for men from all walks of life and occupations, this refining treatment leaves rough, dry skin feeling clean, soothed, & refreshed.


Men as well as women take advantage of skin resurfacing treatments to keep their faces clean and smooth, to reduce the signs of aging and even treat acne and remove scars.
Total Transformations Dentistry

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